The “Neon Tiki Tribe” book series has hit another one out of the ball park with Home Run Pride: Reading with the Tribe. This new book builds an audience of readers and baseball fans, as the pages led the readers on a journey of the dangers of not being able to read and the benefits of understanding the written word. With Manny the Manatee mascot cheering, “If you can read, you can lead,” children glean the message that reading is important!

The “Neon Tiki Tribe” book series has all the ingredients to make reading fun. Colorful characters, action packed pages, time-treasured messages and the Dyslexie font, combine to make this series a hit with children and parents alike. The books are available in paper and online, making them conveniently within reach for an active family to read and enjoy.

Susan Thomas, Executive Director
Rolling Readers Space Coast, Inc.

The Neon Tiki Tribe, Digging Up Adventure, had our office talking – and that says something since we see more than 300 titles a month. The book is so inviting – the bright colors, expert illustrated art and excellent story line.

What caught our attention was the second page: you provided us with interesting information regarding the book. You gave us reasons to purchase this book and the series of books, i.e., the main theme, description of a TIKI, note describing why the book is important and information on the Dyslexie font.

You have a TIKI fan club at Thomson-Shore waiting for your series of books.

Maria Smith
Independent Publisher Sales Manager 734.426.1722 marias@thomsonshore.com