Neon TIKI Tribe AND YOU! Let’s keep kids safe from predators.

Hello! Neon Tiki Tribe Friends and Family,

We’re on a mission to keep kids safe and we need your help.

We’re building a channel on YouTube (Neon TIKI Tribe) where each story we publish will have the potential to help children make wise decisions, and some of the issues we’re covering, are serious topics (Bullying, Internet Safety, Fire Safety etc), like the one we’re posting here today- Stranger Danger-

This is a video that should be seen by children AND they’re parents or guardians together. This will offer you a valuable opportunity to “get the conversation” started about the very read danger that “strangers” can present to your children. Check it out and let us know your thoughts by emailing Greg Devlin at or by using our “contact” form on the website.

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Take Care!

“Team Neon TIKI (Thoughtful, Intelligent, Kind Individuals) Tribe 🙂