Kristen Tinker – Literacy For Adults in Brevard

I am writing to recommend the Neon Tiki Tribe.

In their award-winning books, the Neon Tiki Tribe have developed a powerful series, which will appeal to all children and that also implements a specialized but subtle font for students with dyslexia. I’ve found that the books in the Neon Tiki Tribe series provide an appealing, action-oriented storyline that applies critical life-skills.

An exciting edition in the Neon Tiki Tribe series is a new Family Literacy book, created in collaboration with our organization and through the leadership of Greg Devlin and Dave Thompson. This book will address the needs of 45,000 illiterate adults in Brevard County, Florida.  Greg Devlin of the Neon Tiki Tribe, approached Literacy for  Adults in Brevard to get books into the hands of children who struggle with dyslexia and those children who need reading motivation and support. This ingenuity and unconventional teaming provided a solution to transform our County and to eradicate illiteracy.

The Neon Tiki Tribe’s Family Literacy book is a locally-based, high-action book, which addresses the issue of family members, who might be non-readers. This book will engage students at local Title One schools, will engage students and parents online, and will be made available in English and Spanish.

With this visionary approach to partner and to use a child’s book for Family Literacy, the Neon Tiki Tribe will address the needs of a challenging demographic, illiterate adults. Their book and progressive teaming with Literacy for Adults in Brevard provide a template and scalable model for our Nation.

Also, with 93 million non-reading adults, impactful family literacy programs are needed in Brevard county Florida and throughout our Country. The Neon Tiki Tribe’s innovative Family Literacy book answers the call and is positioned to make a difference in Brevard County and beyond.

Thank you,
Kristen Tinker