Rise of Kunatos

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Welcome to Tiki Island home of the Neon Tiki Tribe. A series of new Super Hero stories with tales of action and adventure, combined with “real life” educational messages.

Ready to meet the big bad boss? Rise of Kunatos is a book for everyone! The Ku Tikis have officially run out of ideas, except for one. Braakus decides to bring back their old boss, the all powerful Kunatos and his mighty staff!

After setting him free from his island of isolation, Kunatos takes charge once again and sends the Ku Tikis all over the island causing trouble and destruction. The Neon Tikis come to the rescue but are shocked to see Kunatos back again (Everyone fears Kunatos, even the Ku Tikis). During this battle of perseverance, Mowah jumps in front of Greg to prevent him from being captured by Kunatos and winds up captured himself. Outnumbered and with no plan, the Neon Tikis retreat to home base.

When there seems to be no hope of winning, a question is asked: “Should we  give up?”

Will the Neon Tiki Tribe continue to work through this difficult issue? Will they resolve to push forward even though things look bad? They must come up with a plan to not only save Mowah but to also stop the powerful Kunatos and his gang of evil doers, even when all hope looks lost.

Read Rise of Kunatos to see if the Neon Tikis can overcome impossible odds to defeat their arch nemesis and save their friend in this story that’s sure to be read over and over again (daytime, bedtime, anytime).

(Parents / Teachers / Guardians– We’ve all been in situations where the “going gets tough.” If we give up, every time things get tough, we’ll never win. Perseverance is a “must have” if we expect to make it through life. We hope this book helps “start the conversation” about the importance of persevering in times of trouble and never giving up.)