Playground Push Around

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Welcome to Tiki Island home of the Neon Tiki Tribe. A series of new Super Hero stories with tales of action and adventure, combined with “real life” educational messages.

A girl named Maya needs glasses. When she picks out the pair she likes, a fashionable “purple framed” pair and wears them to school for the first time, a few of her classmates bully her over the new glasses. Maya, who is really upset turns to Greg, Sniff-Sniff, Tia and Mowah from the Neon Tiki Tribe to learn ways to address this situation. Join Mowah and Tia as they help Maya, along with teaching Hooka a lesson about bullying on a basketball court too!

What advice will the Tikis have for Maya on how to deal with bullies? Will Maya gain the courage to stand up to the bullies? And will she have the confidence to still wear the glasses to school? Read Bullies: Playground Push-Around to learn how the Tikis deal with bullies and bullying situations.

(Parents / Teachers / Guardians– Bullying is such a serious topic in the world today. We have a “zero tolerance” for bullying and plan to spread this message around the world. Bullies can become “protectors” of the bullied and turn a negative situation into a positive one.We hope this book helps “start the conversation” about the many different aspects of bullying.)