Home Run Pride: Reading With the Tribe

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Welcome to Tiki Island home of the Neon Tiki Tribe. A series of new Super Hero stories with tales of action and adventure, combined with “real life” educational messages.

It’s the anniversary of Greg finding the Neon Tiki Tribe! To celebrate, the neighborhood kids are throwing the Tikis a birthday party with presents, balloons, and delicious cake!

When the Ku Tikis find out about the party, they decide to crash it, Ku Tiki Tribe style! Braakus wraps his evil flying nemesis “Humbug” up in a box like a present and sends it special delivery to Zeke. When the box is opened, Zeke is zapped by the special laser inside and loses his ability to read. Letters and words are all scrambled. Some are floating, some are flipping but none of them make sense to him.

Being the leader of the Neon Tiki Tribe Zeke is a little embarrassed by not being able to read. He really doesn’t want to ask for help. He’s worried that people might make fun of him because he can’t read. While Zeke is uncomfortable about the situation he continues having fun at the party and doesn’t tell anyone.

Soon after, Zeke and Dar head out on Dar’s newly designed, super-fast boat to visit Manny the Manatee and all of his baseball buddies in Florida. They were headed to see a game with the tickets they had received from the party.

After arriving in Florida and not being able to read a simple welcome sign, Zeke finally confesses to his Dar and Manny that he can’t read.

Manny is always willing to help those in need of literacy and takes him to a special place where everyone can learn to read.

The Ku Tikis realizing that if they can stop Zeke from reading, they might actually have a chance to derail all of his goals in life and defeat him. So they decide to put a stop to Manny and his “reading” friends.

Will Dar and Zeke be able to stop the Ku Tikis from destroying the library? Will Zeke actually ask for help and learn to read again? Do they all get to go the ballpark to cheer on the Manatees baseball team? Read Home Run Pride: Reading with the Tribe to learn the importance of reading!

(Parents / Teachers / Guardians– Reading is the basis for all learning and what’s more fun than reading with our families or our friends? With over 30 Million American adults not being able to read (Barbara Bush Foundation) we must find a way to put the highest priority on early reading efforts, especially children who struggle to read so that they don’t become adults who cannot read.  Home Run Pride: Reading with the Tribe is a “family literacy” book and we hope this book helps start the conversation about the importance of being able to read, no matter how old you are.