Ethan Sparks Trouble

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Welcome to Tiki Island home of the Neon Tiki Tribe. A series of new Super Hero stories with tales of action and adventure, combined with “real life” educational messages.

The Tiki Island Fair is underway and the Neon Tiki Tribe are building an obstacle course to be a part of the festivities in the school gymnasium. Meanwhile Greg and Sniff-Sniff were anxiously passing out flyers encouraging everyone to attend. But Ethan is not planning on going because he had no friends to attend it with him.

Seeing a friend in need, Greg invited Ethan to go with him and Sniff-Sniff. Ethan gratefully accepts and is excited!

But when Kunatos and the Ku Tikis heard about the fair they decided to come up with a “hot” plan of their own. Braakus returns his famous “Humbug” into action with a few enhancements. In disguise, the Ku Tikis reach Ethan before he enters the fair and convinces him that Humbug is a turbo flying parrot. Ethan is excited to show off the wannabe parrot and enters the gym but quickly learns that this parrot is nothing but fiery trouble as it sets fire to the gym and the obstacle course the Tikis built.

Will the Tikis be able to put out the flames and save the fair? Was there an evacuation plan in place? Did all the smoke detectors have fresh batteries?Will Ethan learn that fire is never a toy for kids? Read Ethan Sparks Trouble to learn how we can all put together a fire safety plan.

(Parents / Teachers / Guardians– We’ve all heard the horrible stories of people who have played with fire, or lost their life to a fire. This is a very serious subject and we hope this book helps “start the conversation” about keeping people safe from the danger and devastation of unplanned fires.