Dog Rescue Mission

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Welcome to Tiki Island home of the Neon Tiki Tribe. A series of new Super Hero stories with tales of action and adventure, combined with “real life” educational messages.

A little puppy named Charlie is missing! Greg, Sniff-Sniff, along with Mowah and Tia of the Neon Tiki Tribe help a neighborhood boy named Jimmy find his dog. Jimmy is upset that he lost his dog and even more upset that he lied to his parents about how the dog went missing. Using Mowah’s special laser tracking sunglasses, the Neon Tiki Tribe go on adventure to track down “charlie.” What they find isn’t just the dog – but some trouble – in the evil Ku Tiki Tribe! “Dog Rescue Mission” teaches kids about the importance of honesty and the courage of telling the truth.

Will the Neon Tiki Tribe be able to get Jimmy his puppy back? Will Jimmy have the courage to do the right thing and tell his parents he lied about what happened to his dog and promise to never tell a lie again? Read Dog Rescue Mission to see the exciting outcome!

(Parents / Teachers / Guardians– If you’ve ever asked the question how can I get my child to stop lying or why is my child telling lies, we can relate with you. How often do we see people lie, when it only makes sense to tell the truth? We hope this book helps “start the conversation” about the importance of honesty).