Digging Up Adventure

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Welcome to Tiki Island home of the Neon Tiki Tribe. A series of new Super Hero stories with tales of action and adventure, combined with “real life” educational messages.

Digging up Adventure is about a boy named Greg and his dog Sniff-Sniff who are sent to live with his grandmother at a mysterious place called Tiki Island. He didn’t want to go, but being from a single parent home they both agreed he shouldn’t have to be at home alone.

When Greg arrives on the Island, he notices there’s not a whole lot to do in the small town. He misses the hustle and bustle of the big city. With no kids to play with and no video games Greg quickly becomes bored.

Greg is in good hands though because his grandma is used to staying busy. As a former motorcycle racer and martial arts champion she’s used to eliminating boredom fast. Grandma knew that all Greg had to do, was to “go do something.” She asked Greg to “get off the couch” and had him dig a hole in her backyard so they could plant a tree that she had just bought.

Greg agrees expecting nothing more than a little outdoor sunshine and exercise. But while digging, adventure finds Greg as he discovers some giant “Tikis” underground. The action really heats up when two pieces of an old broken medallion are put back together, bringing the walking talking super-powered Neon Tikis to life. He teams up with them as their human friend to battle an evil enemy from long ago.

Who are the Neon Tiki Tribe and what is their purpose on the island? How will Greg explain the Tikis to his grandma? Will anyone believe him? Will Greg’s life ever be boring again?  Dog Rescue Mission shows how just opening up our minds to the adventures around us, can eliminate boredom every time. Read now to meet our heroes, Greg and everyone’s favorite dog Sniff-Sniff.

(Parents / Teachers / Guardians– When’s the last time you’ve heard someone say “Mom, I’m bored! or Dad, there’s nothing to do, I’m bored!? ”Well, we can relate with you. Most likely we’ve all known someone that has been bored. We hope this book helps “start the conversation” about battling boredom.)

NOTE- This story is a “must have” because it combines with Book #1 AN EXPLOSIVE BEGINNING to tell the whole story about the beginning of the Neon Tiki Tribe, the Ku Tiki Tribe and TIKI ISLAND.