More Videos: Greg Devlin (Co-Creator of the Neon Tiki Tribe Series) Reveals why the Neon Tiki Tribe series will be such a positive influence in the lives of children around the world. Watch

Wow! Grab an Iced Tea or cup of coffee and get comfortable. This video takes the viewer on a 28+year journey in 24 minutes, with a true-life story and one of a kind journey for Greg Devlin, and "Neon Tiki Tribe, team." Watch

Neon Tiki Tribe is the ONLY superheroes series in the world to use a patented font that's been proven in a university study to help dyslexic kids read, Find out how this font works and why it's so effective. Watch

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Gigabytes of Disaster

Internet Safety - Book #10

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An Explosive Beginning

Following Good Advice - Book #1

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TIKI Beach Battle

Ocean Clean Up - Book #3

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Digging Up Adventure

Battling Boredom - Book #2

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Ethan Sparks Trouble

Fire Safety - Book #9

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Dog Rescue Mission

Honesty - Book #4

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Rise of Kunatos

Perseverance - Book #6

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